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Diascoides Gen. n.

Type species: metaphaea Walker.

The forewing facies of the three species included in this genus is akin to that of Lophoptera pustulifera Walker: shades of rich brown to fawn, the fasciae rather obscure, mottled, and with a faint, diffuse, dark line running from the costa at two fifths to the margin (the dorsum in pustulifera) just subtornally; there is a diffusely darker spot submarginally just anterior of centrally. The hindwings are a darker, duller brown than the forewing and do not have a basal hyaline zone.

In the male genitalia the uncus is deeply bifid, the two processes very slender. The valves are invested densely with fine, dorsally directed setae; there is a basal harpe and various lobes from the costa.

The female genitalia have a very slender bursa that lacks a signum, and the ostium is flanked posteriorly by small sinuous folds or has a small bibbed flap posteriorly.

The genus is best defined by the forewing facies and, particularly, the bifid uncus.

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