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Lophoptera smaragdivirgatus sp. n.

Lophoptera smaragdivirgatus

14-15mm. The facies is as illustrated. The species resembles L. viridistriga Prout (Buru) in the green streak to the forewing and the virtually absent hyaline area to the hindwing, but the emerald green band is broader and darker. The male genitalia lack the prominent socii seen on the tegumen of viridistriga, and there are differences in the valve structure which is more slender and much more deeply bifid. The female genitalia lack the extensive zones of small black spine-like scales seen on the seventh segment of the next species.

Holotype . MALAY STATES, Bukit Kutu, 3300ft, vii.1928 (A.R. Sanderson) BM noctuid slide 11271.
Paratype . MALAYA (W.St. J. C. Tayleur) BM noctuid slide 11263.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The two Bornean specimens known were taken in lowland rainforest.

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