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Lophoptera cinnamona sp. n.  

Lophoptera cinnamona

17-18mm. The forewings are a warm cinnamon brown with a darker, straight, oblique postmedial, a fainter, more diffuse medial parallel to it and a more irregular, broken submarginal. The hindwings are darker, duller brown with a hyaline zone subbasally. The lamella vaginalis lacks both post-ostial and lateral structures; the appendix bursae is weak relative to the bursa but the 'saddle' between the two is distally scobinate.

Holotype . W. SUMATRA: Lebong Tandai, 1920-1923 (C.J. Brooks), BM 1936-681, BM noctuid slide 11393.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The single Bornean specimen was taken during the Mulu survey in alluvial forest in the lowlands at Long Pala.

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