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Odontodes Guenée

Type species: aleuca Guenée.

Synonyms: Burdria Walker; Nedroma Walker.

This genus is somewhat atypical of the subfamily in that the male eighth abdominal segment is small, rather modified in shape and lacking coremata on the sternite. Nevertheless, as seen in the introductory section, there are several characters which associate the genus with Lophoptera, notably the directed scobination of the signum and the development of the appendix bursae. The forewing tornus is distinctively falcate.

The valves are apically bifid in all species except aleuca, asymmetrically so in seranensis. The uncus is broad, triangular in aleuca, seranensis and allies, reduced or lost in pallidifimbria and allies. The aedeagus vesica has no ornamentation except the globular sclerotisation in the ductus ejaculatorius mentioned in the introductory section.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are as in other genera but the ostium is set on a complex projecting process as seen (lateral view) in Fig. 235. The signum is tridentate, the scobination directed distad.

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