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Gyrtona perlignealis Walker
Hypochalcia perlignealis
Walker, 1863, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus. 27: 46.

Gyrtona perlignealis (Penang)

The species is like a small obliqualis but with extensive creamy fawn areas on the forewing as illustrated, with a distinctive dark apical streak; the oblique margin to the basal zone is straight. The female genitalia have the bursa copulatrix constricted subbasally, finely scobinate but without a signum; the 8th segment is unmodified. No male has been found that could be assigned reliably to this species.

Taxonomic note. G. rubropictalis Hampson is a closely related species found from the Moluccas to the Solomons.

Geographical range. Sarawak, Penang I., Palawan, ?Andamans and Nicobars.

Habitat preference. Only the holotype and another female are known from Borneo, both from Sarawak but without precise data.

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