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Gyrtona Walker

Type species: proximalis Walker.

Synonyms: Nigramma Walker syn. n.; Chuduca Walker syn. n.; Clina Walker syn. n. The type species of these genera, respectively quadratifera Walker, pyraloides Walker and lapidaria Walker, were examined and found to conform to the concept of Gyrtona as expressed below. Previously Chuduca and Clina had been treated as synonyms of Nigramma.

All species at present in these genera should be combined under Gyrtona with the exception of those transferred to Lophoptera, Sigmuncus and Savoca elsewhere in this work.

The name Gyrtona has been incorrectly applied to taxa in the Phycitinae by Roesler (1983:42); the type species of Gyrtona is undoubtedly a stictopterine and is described further below.

species have slender forewings with rather oblique patterning; the hindwings grade paler basad but are never distinctly hyaline.

The genus is clearly defined by the structure of the valves of the male genitalia: two more or less equal, very slender arms, the ventral one bearing a dorsally directed, slender, ampullate harpe subbasally, and the two not being linked by a membrane. The 8th segment of the abdomen is only weakly corematous but generally as in other Stictopterinae.

In the female genitalia the 8th segment forms a complete ring, there is no appendix bursae, and the signum when present is an umbonate or stellate scobinate zone, though linear in G. polionota Hampson.

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