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Savoca Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: sarawakana Walker, a junior objective synonym of conglobalis Walker.

This generic name is available for a closely knit, clearly defined group of small species that were found distributed amongst the genera Lophoptera and Gyrtona in previous classifications. They appear from characters of the male genitalia to be more closely allied to Stictoptera and Aegilia.

The species are relatively small, with rectangular forewings patterned usually with a distinctive basal zone and a postmedial that is fine, double, biarcuate, roughly perpendicular to the dorsum. The hindwings often grade paler basad but are not hyaline.

The valves of the male genitalia are divided into slender, more or less equal dorsal and ventral arms as in Stictoptera and Aegilia, linked by a thin, flexible membrane. The saccus is usually trilobed, the central lobe much narrower than the lateral ones. The uncus (usually long and slender) in all species except yucca Swinhoe has a prominent ventral subbasal process that is usually broader and more setose than the rest of the uncus.

In the female genitalita the eighth segment is relatively unmodified, almost a complete ring, and the signum is usually a circular boss of more intense scobination in the centre of the bursa (modified to a serrate ridge in S. yucca).

Non-Bornean species that should be included are: S. plumbeifascia Hampson (Andamans) comb. n.; S. lophota Turner (Queensland) comb. n.; S. plumbisparsa Hampson (N.E. Himalaya) comb. n.; S. chalybsa Hampson (S. India) comb. n.; S. phaeoxista Hampson (Sri Lanka) comb. n.

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