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Stictoptera Guenée

Type species: cucullioides Guenée.

Synonyms: Dandaca Walker; Steiria Walker; Minica Walker.

This genus contains large species with relatively narrow forewings and a hyaline basal zone to the hindwing, though this is sometimes largely obscured. Several of the species are exceedingly variable and share distinctive forms that can present problems in identification: the diagnostic characters are not always the most obvious features of the facies.

The genus is best defined on characters of the male genitalia. The coremata of the male eighth sternite are usually almost vestigial (Fig. 156) though not so in S. columba Walker (Fig. 169). The valves of the male genitalia are divided into two slender arms separated by a membraneous webbing that bears a fringe of hair-like setae. The web is generally rather deeply cleft (though not significantly so in columba) rather than extending almost to the apex of both arms as in Aegilia and Savoca. The uncus in most species (columba is again exceptional) bears blade-like setae that may be diagnostic, and may itself be distinctively modified.

There are several African species though the greatest diversity by far is in the Indo-Australian tropics. The tropical American species clara Cramer has very different male genitalia and should be placed in the available genus Nagara Walker Gen. rev.

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