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Chlumetia postrubra sp. n.  

Chlumetia postrubra


10-11mm. In facies this species is similar to euthysticha in the forewing, though slightly paler in the medial zone. The hindwings, however, are diagnostically red. The male genitalia are similar to those of euthysticha but the valves are longer, broader, apically rounded. In the female genitalia the general structure is as in euthysticha and brevisigna; the bursa is larger than in the latter and the signa, though round, are more distal and less well defined.

Holotype . Mt. Tahan, MAL. PEN. (Waterstradt), BM noctuid slide 10996.

Paratype . PERAK, 2000-3500 ft (W. Doherty), BM noctuid slide 10997.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo (Pontianak ( slide 11000), Santubong), Sulawesi (Maros).

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