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Aplotelia nubilosa Warren comb. rev.
Aplotelia nubilosa
Warren, 1914, Novit. zool. 21: 409.
Eutelia nubilosa Warren; Gaede, 1937; Holloway, 1976: 16.

Aplotelia nubilosa

Aplotelia nubilosa


The basic fasciation of the forewing is similar to that of diplographa but the overall colour is a rich brown, darker in a subbasal band and postmedially or, alternatively, over the whole medial area. The hindwing is dark brown with a basal white zone. Targalla suffundens Walker (q.v.) is similar in appearance but its forewing is a yellower brown with a more distinct double sinuous postmedial and with the darker area of the wing never extending medially and always to the base rather than to the subbasal; the pale area of the hindwing is less extensive.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Philippines.

Habitat preference. Only three specimens have been taken in recent years, all in Sabah. Two were taken at Kalabalang near the east coast and one at 1200m on G. Kinabalu.

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