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Atacira brunneata sp. n.

Atacira brunneata
(holotype; Peninsular Malaysia)

Atacira brunneata

13-14mm. The forewing ground colour is pale brown and it is marked more darkly in the same colour; the medial is narrow, dark, sinuous, flexed most sharply at the reniform; the antemedial is angled, faint; the postmedial is fine, pale, roundedly angled at one third from the costa, bounding a dark brown zone between it and the medial and being edged finely, irregularly with dark brown distad; between the postmedial and submarginal is a band of pale ground colour, fragmented by the basally directed dentations of the submarginal.

Holotype . Genting Tea Estate, 2000ft, W. Pahang, MALAYSIA, 1.2.81 (H.S. Barlow).

Paratypes. l, 1 with general data as holotype; 1 [PENINSULAR MALAYSIA] Gunong Ijau, 2-3000ft, 1898 (Butler).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo. Only a single faded male has been noted from Borneo, collected in Sarawak by Alfred Russel Wallace. It has a somewhat more angled, narrower central darker brown zone to the forewing.

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