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Atacira Swinhoe Gen. rev.

Type species: approximata Walker.

This genus is revived to include a large assemblage of mainly Oriental species usually attributed to Eutelia. The forewings are mostly bluish or pinkish grey fasciated with several distinct dark lines, and bear a dark triangle subapically on the costa.

The genus is defined by the massive structure of the male eighth sternite set between two coremata (Fig. 24). There is also a pair of eversible coremata between tergite and sternite. The genitalia are distinctive (Figs. 60, 61): an elongate harpe extends well beyond the roughly triangular valves; a small, hook-tipped uncus articulates from the tegumen above a sclerotised triangular gnathus that extends beyond it; the saccus is long, slender, usually lobed and lacks cornuti. Despite their extreme modification, the male genitalia are very uniform within the genus and offer no obvious diagnostic characters at a specific level. Diagnosis of species is through characters of forewing pattern.

The female genitalia have the pair of scobinate signa in the bursa copulatrix that are found in a number of euteliine genera (Fig. 39).

The following taxa in addition to those below are here transferred to Atacira, combs. n.: grabczewskii Pungeler (Japan); melanephra Hampson (India, Sri Lanka); glauca Prout (Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia); olivaceiplaga Bethune-Baker (New Guinea); sommereri Kobes (Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia; ?Java); affinis Hampson (Taiwan).

The centre of diversity for the genus appears to be Sundaland and several further species from there are likely to be described in future. Only two are known from India, four from Sulawesi and two from New Guinea. The genus is probably allied to the Afrotropical Parelia Berio (1957), and several Afrotropical species at present in other genera may prove to belong to Atacira or Parelia, such as his trio Saalmuller, melanopis Hampson and mima Prout.

The only recorded life history is for A. melanephra Hampson (Bell, MS), discussed below under A. barlowi sp. n.

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