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Caedesa Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: agropoides Walker.

This genus may be allied to Phalga, having a rather similar structure to the male eighth abdominal sternite (Figs. 20, 21), but with greater complexity to the central assemblage of spines. The genus is defined by characters of the male genitalia: the distinctly bilobed valves bearing prominent rows of setal bases; the unusual processes, possibly socii, arising from the tegumen. The aedeagus has a subapical row of small, short spines and the vesica is small but convolute.

The female genitalia have an elongate, finely scobinate, otherwise unadorned bursa copulatrix. The apophyses of segment 8 are absent or fused to the basal part of the ductus bursae (see introduction).

All three species are restricted to Sundaland, agropoides Walker and apicenigra Warren (Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra) comb. n. being sister species, sharing a short uncus, enlarged secondary spines to the socii and an oblique forewing reniform; angulifera Walker completes the trio.

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