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Anuga Guenée

Type species: constricta Guenée.

Synonyms: Caecila Walker; Phumana Walker; Piada Walker; Spersara Walker.

Anuga species are the largest Oriental euteliines, with elongate, apically produced forewings and very long antennae (sometimes almost as long as the forewing) that are weakly bipectinate, the pectinations tapering away towards the apex of the antenna. The subtornal banding on the hindwing is prominent and the tornal area is orange in several species.

The male eighth abdominal sternite bears two coremata (doubled in two species) but is otherwise unadorned. The genitalia have a distinct structure: a very short uncus; a long, broad saccus; short, triangular valves; massive hooked processes that appear to arise from the transtillae; a long aedeagus with a small vesica that is globular, basally scobinate, often with a row of about four conical cornuti.

In the female genitalia the bursa is usually uniformly scobinate, though with an opposing pair of scobinate zones centrally in canescens Walker. The distal margins of the ovipositor lobes form a complete ring and are invested with a definite fringe of fine setae as well as the usual random scattering; the lobes are not fused however. The apophyses of segment 8 are not distinct.

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