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Anigraea homochroa Hampson  
Anigraea homochroa
Hampson, 1912, Cat. Lepid. Phal. Br. Mus. 11: 98.

Anigraea homochroa
(rufous form)

Anigraea homochroa

The forewings are usually purplish grey-brown with diffuse paler banding and a subapical orange patch. Some specimens have the forewing more extensively suffused with rufous orange; both forms are illustrated.

Geographical range. Borneo, New Guinea.

Habitat preference. The type specimen was from Pulo Laut, a low island at the south of Borneo, but more recent material has been taken mainly in montane habitats. In the Mulu survey specimens were taken at 500m in hill dipterocarp forest, in lower montane forest and upper montane forest on the Mulu transect, and in upper montane forest at 1200m on G. Api. A further specimen has been taken in upper montane forest (1618m) on Bukit Retak, Brunei.

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