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Anigraea deleta Hampson  
Anuga deleta Hampson, 1891, Illustr. typical Specimens Lepid. Het. Colln Br. Mus. 8: 16, 81;
     [INDIA] Nilgiri district, s. slopes, 3000ft, hereby designated LECTOTYPE.
Anigraea deleta Hampson; Gaede, 1937.

Anigraea deleta

The species is similar to mediifascia Hampson but the angle to the forewing postmedial is nearer the costa, and the entire basal zone of the forewing is usually paler than the rest up to an oblique boundary. The spines on the male 8th sternite are half the length of those of mediifascia and the coremata evert over a greater length; the saccus is diagnostically slender over the distal half.

Geographical range. Indian subregion, Burma, Borneo, Java, New Guinea.

Habitat preference. This is probably a lowland species, with three specimens seen from Bidi, Sarawak, and one from Seria on the coast of Brunei.

Biology. The species has been reared from Mangifera (Anacardiaceae) in Java (data on BMNH specimen).

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