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Helicoverpa Hardwick

Type species: armigera Hubner.

This genus was proposed and discussed by Hardwick (1965) to include a group of species previously placed in Heliothis Ochsenheimer. Matthews (1988) has confirmed the validity of the genus.

It is defined by characteristics of the genitalia: the male aedeagus vesica is coiled, with cornuti set in groups along its length, the female appendix bursae is long, weakly spiralled, with a unique leathery texture. Hardwick also defined the genus on possession of a specialised patch of flattened scales in deep sockets on the femur of the male foreleg.

The genus is found worldwide except at high latitudes, but, is perhaps most diverse in the New World. Several species are serious pests. Both Bornean species are widespread in the Old World tropics.

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