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Subgenus Leucania Ochsenheimer

Type species: comma Linnaeus (Europe)

Synonyms: Donachlora Sodoffsky and Pudorina Gistl (unnecessary replacement names); Neoborolia Matsumura (type species nohirae Matsumura = insecuta Walker, Japan); Xipholeucania Sugi (type species roseilinea Walker).

This group has the cucullus features of Acantholeucania combined with complete absence of the trifine hair pencil; in the type species and other Palaearctic relatives it is replaced by a corema (Birch, 1972). The harpe is usually small, its ventral sclerotised foundation with its exterior margin acute, or doubly acute, associated with the subcostal process, giving a bidentate or tridentate effect.

All Bornean taxa except M. irregularis Walker fall into a section of the subgenus where there is a narrow setose flap overlapping the base of the cucullus from the sacculus.

The Bornean M. venalba Moore and M. roseilinea Walker fall into this section, as does a group of Indo-Australian taxa with even more striking modification.

In the last group the cucullus is reduced to a narrow rod, though still overlapped at the base by the setose flap. The sacculus is very much enlarged, and the process from the exterior margin of the ventral sclerotisation of the harpe is enlarged into a massive spatulate process. On the eighth sternite there is a pair of lateral hair pencils rather than a transverse band of hairs. The aedeagus vesica is short, with a longitudinal band of small spines, and the appendix bursae is similarly short.

The group falls within Sugi's original concept of Xipholeucania but this author was thwarted by an earlier misidentification of the type species he cited (Holloway, 1979: 401). There are a few reddish Australasian species discussed by Holloway, and a number of Oriental ones with striate grey forewings. M. simillima Walker and M. nabalua Holloway are discussed below. In addition there is M. celebensis Tams (Sulawesi, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra (slide 13933) and ?Java), M. megaproctis Hampson (Sri Lanka) and an undescribed species from Sulawesi (slide 13923).

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