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Mythimna (Leucania) nabalua Holloway
Leucania nabalua Holloway, 1976: 8.
Leucania celebensis Tams sensu Calora, 1966: 661.

Mythimna nabalua (holotype)

This and the next species have rather grey, irregularly striate forewings, usually with a distinct dark dot at the disc. M. nabalua is generally somewhat darker than simillima but is best distinguished by the male genitalia where the cucullus is relatively half the length, the costal process associated with the harpe is evenly curved rather than sinuous, and the spatulate process from the ventral basal part of the harpe is flexed ventral rather than dorsad.

Taxonomic notes. M. celebensis
Tams may be the sister-species of nabalua but has paler, more uniform, almost silvery grey forewings and a more rounded, larger, less asymmetrical spatulate process from the harpe base.

Geographical range.
Borneo, Philippines.

Habitat preference.
On G. Kinabalu the species is infrequent in cultivated areas at Bundu Tuhan (1200m) and Kundasan (1050m). It has been taken in similar habitats and disturbed, secondary forest in the lowlands of Brunei.

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