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Mythimna (Pseudaletia) albicosta Moore
Leucania albicosta Moore, 1881, Proc. zoo1. Soc. Lond., 1881: 338.
Leucania nigrilineosa Moore, 1882, Descr. New Indian lepid. Insects Colln. Atkinson, p. 103.
Pseudaletia albicosta Moore; Franclemont, 1951: 64; Calora, 1966: 704; Holloway, 1976:9.

Mythimna albicosta   

The forewing is uniform dull reddish, with fine transverse striae of dark red set uniformly on a yellowish fawn ground. The reniform is delineated faintly in yellowish orange, with a white fleck at its posterior extremity.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion, W. China, to Sundaland, Flores and Philippines.

Habitat preference. On G. Kinabalu albicosta was taken in numbers at 2600m but was recorded in small numbers at lower altitudes down to 1500m. On G. Mulu a number of individuals were taken near the summit at 2360m.

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