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Mythimna (Aletia) albomarginata Wileman & South  
Cirphis albomarginata Wileman & South, 1920, Entomologist 53: 122.
Cirphis albomarginalis Wileman & West, 1928, Ent. Rec, J. Var. 40: 139.
Aletia albomarginata Wileman & South; Calora 1966: 696.

Mythimna albomarginata 

This species is like a rather large, dark, heavily marked version of decississima, but lacks silvering on the underside, having instead dark discal spots on both wings, strong postmedials, distal to which is dark shading (though not over the anterior half of the forewing).

The male genitalia have the sacculus strongly angled, and the basal part of the harpe extends into this angle as a large lobe. The aedeagus lacks a lateral lobe and has a distal group of cornuti as in exsanguis, but a row of shorter spines, variable in length and thickness, runs from this distal group almost to the base of the vesica.

Taxonomic notes.
Javan material has the angle of the sacculus and harpe lobe less strongly developed, and the row of spines to the distal group on the vesica broader distally and separated from a basal row of short ones.

Geographical range.
Philippines, Borneo; Java.

Habitat preference.
Only two specimens have been taken in Borneo, at Mesilau on the Pinosuk Plateau of G. Kinabalu (1500m) and in upper montane forest at 1790m on G. Mulu.

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