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Apospasta luminosa Wileman & South comb. n.  
Agrotis luminosa Wileman & South, 1920, Entomologist 53: 121.
Hypopteridia luminosa Wileman & West; Holloway, 1976: 9.

Apospasta luminosa

Both species have medium rich brown forewings with typical trifine patterning. Between reniform and orbicular and between reniform and postmedial is a zone of very dark brown, narrow in this species, diagnostically very much broader in the next. In nyei the sacculus of the male genitalia is more asymmetrical, and the spur from its costal margin is more basal.

Taxonomic notes.
See the generic account for discussion of the relationships of Bornean Apospasta.

Geographical range.
Luzon, Borneo.

Habitat preference.
On. G. Kinabalu the species has been taken singly at 1500m and 2110m, but in numbers at 2600m. On G. Mulu one was taken at 1790m but several near the summit at 2360m. It would appear thus to have a slightly higher altitude preference to its congener and was in fact assigned to a different zonation element in Holloway (1970).

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