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Dictyestra Sugi

Type species: dissectus Walker.

This genus was erected by Sugi in Inoue et al. (1982) in recognition that the type species, though similar in fades to species of the Palaearctic genus Heliophobus Boisduval, differed markedly in characters of the male genitalia.

species have the neck of the cucullus angled strongly ventrally but it is very much shorter and with a small spur in the angle. The corona is typical, not modified as it is in dissectus. There is a triangular extension from the sacculus rather than the definite harpe seen in dissectus; the latter has a small process from the costa on the right hand side only that underlies with the harpe. The uncus is unmodified in Heliophobus. The aedeagus vesica is an elongate tube in Heliophobus with a distal band of spines and a longitudinal scobinate, then just sclerotised extension from the apex of the aedeagus. The trifine scent pencils are present in Heliophobus, absent in Dictyestra.

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