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Yula Bethune-Baker Gen. rev.

Type species: novaeguineae Bethune-Baker, New Guinea, Seram, Bismarcks.

This genus contains a number of species restricted to New Guinea (submarginata Warren comb. n., tenuilinea Warren comb. n., argyrospila Warren comb. n., moneta Warren comb. n.) that have sometimes been associated with Euplexia Stephens, for example as in Warren's treatment in Seitz, Gross-Schmett. Erde 11: 147. In facies they resemble somewhat species of the Oriental genus Karana Moore Gen. rev. (type species decorata Moore, India; gemmifera Walker is congeneric), another distinct genus placed within Euplexia by Warren. Both are distinct in male genitalic characters and not at all closely related to Euplexia. Karana has the uncus modified into an incomplete tube, bearing numerous brushes of setae; the harpes are bilaterally asymmetric; there is an exterior subapical spur to the valve or one at the apex, and a stout seta ventrally just basal to a interior apical field of setae; trifine hair pencils are present as in Yula.

Both genera have green and black forewings with a white reniform and a white antemedial bar from which arises a white claviform stigma.

is distinguished by the following features of the male genitalia: a broad, rounded apex to the valve with an interior field of setae and a corona; the costal margin is apically falcate; there is a small spur subapically on the ventral margin; the harpe is small, flat, ampullate; the uncus is slender, tapering, with a few small, short, broad spines at the apex; the peniculi are expanded into long lateral wings, each with a further small ventral, subbasal lobe; the aedeagus vesica is moderate, with one large cornutus distally as well as fields of scobination and sometimes groups of smaller cornuti. The eighth sternite has lateral rods (also in Karana). Between the fourth and fifth tergites in the type species, muscosa Hampson and argyrospila Warren is a centrally broken, narrow, darkly sclerotised, scobinate band. The female genitalia have a small appendix bursae that is sclerotised along with the basal section of the bursa; there are no signa.

One Oriental species is here added to the New Guinea complex.

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