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Phlogophora discalis Warren comb. n
Euplexia discalis
Warren, 1912, Novit. zool; 19: 20.
Euplexia discalis
Warren; Holloway, 1976: 10.

Phlogophora discalis

This is a striking species with dark brown forewings in which a yellowish reniform is prominent, and also a subapical rufous shade. The hindwings are diagnostically white with a broad costal and distal dark brown border.

Taxonomic notes.
In Bornean material the aedeagus vesica is more convolute with more lateral lobes in the basal sector. The single cornutus is obtusely angled centrally in Javan material.

Geographical range.
Java, Borneo.

Habitat preference.
On G. Kinabalu the species was infrequent from 1620m to 1930m. Two specimens were taken at 1790m in upper montane forest on G. Mulu.

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