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Phlogophora contrasta Holloway comb. n. 
Euplexia contrasta Holloway, 1976:11.

Phlogophora contrasta

. The orbicular streak is much narrower than in previous species; the postmedial boundary to the medial zone is evenly curved. The fine pale line distal to the submarginal brown markings has a diagnostic series of black spots in spaces distally adjacent to it.

Taxonomic notes
. Compared to the previous species, the valve apex is more angular and the costal process associated with the harpe broad and square.

Geographical range
. Borneo.

Habitat preference
. A single female was taken at 1760m on G. Kinabalu. Several specimens were taken in upper montane forest on G. Mulu (1980m) and one on G. Api (1200m) during the Mulu survey.

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