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Feliniopsis nabalua Holloway comb. n.
Eutamsia nabalua
Holloway, 1976: 12.

Feliniopsis nabalua

The species may be distinguished from hadenines (e.g. Apospasta) with similar facies by the smooth eyes. It could be confused with Apamea sodalis but has a white mark within the forewing reniform and a squarish dark brown patch at one third in the centre of the wing.

Taxonomic notes.
The species is distinguished by a strong, unspined ventral lobe to the cucullus, a strongly curved harpe that extends almost to the cucullus spines, and an aedeagus vesica with coarse spines on the basal strip and several small distal lobes, three of which bear small spines. These features are seen also in F. niveipuncta Hampson ( = subnigrata Warren (consummata ab. fusca Strand)) from S. India and Sri Lanka which has only four spines to the cucullus, in a specimen from Sikkim (slide 11146) which has reduced spining on the basal strip of the vesica and reduction of spining on the distal lobes, and in a specimen from Java (slide 8744) which has the cucullus apex more produced, oblique, densely spined, and the basal strip of the aedeagus vesica strongly 'V' shaped.

Geographical range.

Habitat preference.
The species is only known from G. Kinabalu where it has been taken in small numbers at altitudes between 1050m and 2600m.

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