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Xylostola Hampson

Type species: indistincta Moore.

The type species has buff forewings weakly marked with darker brown as illustrated. The hindwings are a grey brown.

The male abdomen lacks trifine hair pencils, and the eighth sternite has its basal half modified into a sclerotised ring containing a pair of very weak coremata; there are no lateral rods. The male genitalia are distinguished by a rather distal, widely bifid harpe, and a modification of the juxta where ventral rods support a pubescent arch of membrane. The aedeagus vesica is short, multilobed, with an elongate group of small spines on the most distal lobe.

In the female the ovipositor lobes are square, the eighth segment a narrow ring; the ductus and bursa are short, with an irregular zone of scobination extending from the distal part of the former into the dorsal part of the latter to two thirds. The scobination is coarser in the bursa.

The forewing facies, build, male eighth sternite coremata and general structure of the valve may indicate a relationship to Bagada Walker.

The Himalayan X. robusta Hampson is misplaced. It is allied to, or a member of, the Sesamia complex of genera.

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