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Dyrzela boscoides sp. n. (Plate 4, Fig. 332)
Dyrzela bosca Swinhoe; Holloway, 1975: 14 (partim).

Dyrzela boscoides

13-14mm. The forewings are greyer than in increnulata, and the subapical costal patch grades darker posteriorly but is twice as broad there as in the similar bosca Swinhoe. In increnulata the distal border of the subapical patch is smoothly concave, but in boscoides it is irregular, obtusely indented. The fasciae are more clearly defined than in bosca, narrower, darker, with the antemedial and postmedial edged more distinctly paler basally and distally respectively. Where the postmedial borders the subapical patch it is straight not obtusely angled, and more oblique. The male genitalia are close to those of bosca.

Holotype . SABAH: Mt Kinabalu, Power Station, 1930m, Cambridge expedition to Mt Kinabalu 1965 (H.J. Banks, H.S. Barlow & J.D. Holloway) Brit. Mus. 1968-186, BM noctuid slide 14275.  

Paratypes. 2, 2 as holotype; 1 BORNEO: Sarawak, Wallace, 74-94.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Most of the records by Holloway (1976) refer to this species, found from 1200-2000rn on G. Kinabalu. The species has also been taken in lowland forest in Brunei.

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