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Borbotana Walker

Type species: nivifascia Walker.

Synonym: Choluata Walker (type species eburneifera Walker = nivifascia).

This genus currently contains a number of species, the common feature of which is a striking black and white pattern to the forewing. In most species this is transverse but in the New Guinea taxa dinawa Bethune-Baker and fragmentata Warren these are more longitudinal. In the type species and closest relatives the reniform is entirely whitened, set in a narrower band of white running across the wing. There is a broader subbasal band from which a white claviform stigma arises subdorsally.

The male antennae are strongly ciliated, those of the female filiform.

In the male abdomen there are no basal hair pencils; the eighth sternite has a weak central band of hair scales. In the genitalia the valve lacks a corona and has a simple, very basal harpe. The peniculus of the tegumen is broad, with a dense mass of fine, long hairs arising from it; the uncus is long, slender, downcurved.

The female genitalia have the ovipositor lobes rather square. The ductus bursae is long, slender, unsclerotised. The bursa is asymmetric, angled, almost triangular, and finely scobinate throughout.

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