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Eulepa Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: niveigutta Walker.

This genus is revived from synonymy with Callopistria Hubner as it lacks the diagnostic features of that genus and has a number of others peculiar to it.

The species typically have brown forewings with a medial arrangement of four pale patches, two at the costa, one centrally with the fourth posterior to it subdorsally. There is a weaker subapical pale patch associated with the submarginal and some small subbasal pale spots. The hindwings are medium greyish or brownish, paler basal to an indistinct postmedial, and with a faint discal lunule.

In the male abdomen the trifine hair pencils are lacking. The eighth sternite has well-developed lateral rods. The uncus is long, slender, curved as in Borbotana. The valves are slender, curved, apically slightly broadened; a corona is present in chlorocroa Hampson; the harpe is basal, a long slender, curved spine; there is a subbasal clavus to the sacculus similar to that in Aeologramma. The tegumen is diagnostically modified into elongate, setose, lateral lobes. The saccus is long. The aedeagus is strongly sclerotised ventrally only, this part terminating in a rounded process. The vesica is simple, tubular, very finely and weakly scobinate.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are rounded. The ductus bursae is unsclerotised, broadening gradually into the bursa which has a rounded appendix bursae basally.

The genus is mainly Sundanian. In addition to the taxa described below, there is one in Java and two in Sulawesi, all undescribed.

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