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Aeologramma Strand

Type species: picatum Butler.

Synonyms: Poecilogramma Butler (praeocc; type species picatum); Pseuderiopus Warren (type species albiscripta Hampson).

Species included in this genus are small with distinctively patterned forewings. In the type species and a new species this consists of pale, oblique bands, separated by darker fasciae and three dark triangles along the costa. The pale pattern is much more irregular, almost reticulate, in albiscripta Hampson, with a large, dark, triangular mark on the dorusm. In all three species the forewing apex is bisected by a broad, pale bar.

The genus is somewhat better defined by features of the male abdomen. Basal hair pencils are absent. The eighth sternite is apically bilobed or trilobed, and contains subbasally a pair of small, globular coremata. The valves of the genitalia are narrow, without a corona, with a harpe that extends almost to the apex, and is fused to the valves almost completely in all except the type species. The type species also lacks the clavus-like process subbasally on the sacculus of the other two species. There is fusion between the valves of the sacculus bases. The aedeagus vesica appears generally coarsely scobinate or spined in all three.

In the female genitalia (albiscripta) the ostium is flanked by two angular processes at the posterior margin of the seventh segment. The bursa is reminiscent of that of some larentiine Geometridae in being finely spined throughout. It is sclerotised over the basal third, where arise two acute processes, one almost hornlike.

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