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Callopistria alfredi sp. n

Callopistria alfredi

9-10mm. This species resembles a small C. pulchrilinea Walker but has the antemedial more regularly angular, less broken anteriorly; the postmedial is more irregularly sinuous anteriorly, less strongly curved posteriorly; the white submarginal flecks are set more obliquely to each other, less colinear. The male genitalia are rather elongate, the valve unadorned except for a slight tuft of hair-scales at the base of the valve exteriorly.

BORNEO: Sarawak (A.R. Wallace) 74-69, BM noctuid slide 2370.

1 as holotype.

Geographical range.

Habitat preference.
No recent material is available. The type material was probably from lowland localities in Sarawak.

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