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Callopistria montana Holloway
Callopistria montana Holloway, 1976: 12.

Callopistria montana

This species is very closely related to pulchrilinea Walker but is larger. The forewing antemedial is more angular, the elements more regular, the distal anterior one not angled at the radial vein. The valves are somewhat longer in the male genitalia, and the aedeagus vesica is more massively spined, having the distinct cluster of finer spines of pulchrilinea reduced or absent.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference.
All material has been taken in upper montane localities, from 1500m to 2110m on G. Kinabalu, and at 1780m on G. Mulu and 1200m on G. Api during the Mulu survey.

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