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Callopistria maillardi Guenee (Plate 5, Figs. 282, 287)
        Eriopus maillardi Guenee, 1862, Maillard's Reunion Lep. p. 39.
        Callopistria recurvata Moore, 1882 Descr. new Indian lepid. Insects Colln Atkinson p. 144.
        Callopistria meridionalis Collenette, 1929, Trans. ent. Soc. Lond., 76: 471.
        Callopistria meridionalis nauticorum Tams, 1935, Insects Samoa 3(4).199.
        Callopistria maillardi intermissa Viette, 1965, Faune Madagascar, 20:459.

Callopistria maillardi

Diagnosis. In facies this species resembles insularis Walker, placodoides Guenee and pulchrilinea Walker but has the sinuous postmedial well separated from the submarginal white marks and, with rivularis Walker, does not have the white of the reniform increasing posteriorly. The male antennae have a series of curved, paddle-like pectinations onto the node (Fig. 284). In rivularis the medial zone ground colour is usually paler than that of the submarginal zone but more uniform in maillardi; the antemedial is angled in maillardi but more curved in regularis.

Taxonomic notes. Some subspeciation is evident through the extensive range of this species, but it needs further investigation. There is a complex of closely related species endemic to islands in the Pacific (Holloway, 1983).

Geographical range. African, Indian Ocean, Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics.

Habitat preference. Most material is from lowland localities, many with disturbed habitats and secondary vegetation.

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