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Actinotia Hubner

Type species. perspicillaris Linnaeus (= polyodon Clerck).

Synonym: Chloantha Boisduval, Rambur & Graslin (type species hyperici Denis & Schiffermuller, Europe).

This genus consists of a number of small species with a striking, longitudinally striate forewing pattern within which the reniform stigma is prominent.

In the male genitalia there is a strong cucullus and corona to the valve, with the process from the valve costa covering or crossing the neck of the cucullus much as in Apamea; this process can show asymmetry from one side to the other. The harpe is broad, crossing the base of the costal process. The peniculus is weak or only moderately developed. The aedeagus has a strong  lateral spur. The trifine basal hair pencils appear to have been lost as the associated pouches  laterally on sternite 4 remain. The apodemes of the basal sternite are set wide apart, slightly divergent. Sternite 8 has a slight corema as in Apamea.

In the female genitalia the bursa is irregular with a slight lateral lobe bearing the ductus seminalis; the bursa wall is thick and there are no signa.

European species in the genus feed on Hypericum (Guttiferae) as does the Oriental A. intermediata Bremer (Miyata, 1983).

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