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Clethrorasa Hampson

Type species: pilcheri Hampson.

This is a small Oriental genus containing species with striking pale cream forewings with a black discal mark and single and paired marks of the same colour round the margin. The thorax is similarly marked. The hind-wings and abdomen are grey, marginally or apically the cream colour of the forewings.

The male abdomen has trifine hair pencils. The eighth sternite has short, weak lateral rods. In the male genitalia the sacculus lacks a harpe but has (in one species) a distal obtuse angle that overlaps a process extending obliquely from the costa to end in a spine at the ventral margin at three quarters. This process occurs in both species. The aedeagus vesica is tubular, bearing numerous, evenly spaced, short, broad, thorn-like cornuti.

In the female genitalia the ductus bursae is simple, short, evenly sclerotised, overlapped by finely folded basal lobes from the bursa, which narrows before expanding into the main part of its volume, an elongate, corrugate, lightly and finely scobinate sock.

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