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Yepcalphis Nye

Type species: limacodina Felder = dilectissima Walker.

Synonym: Pachylepis Felder (praeocc, with replacement name as above).

The only species in this genus has dull rusty red forewings edged with yellow patches of varying size and, on the costal and distal margins, small black markings; there are three yellow patches centrally in the medial area. The hindwings are dark grey with paler yellow patches on the costa and margin, a colour scheme reflected by the abdomen. The forewing tornus is more evenly rounded than in most trifines.

In the male abdomen the trifine hair pencils are present. There are lateral rods to the eighth sternite. The genitalia have the valve simple with a central spine-like harpe arising from the sacculus. On the interior lamina of the valve dorsal to the sacculus is an even array of slender setae directed over the costa. The aedeagus vesica is narrow with two basal lobes and a more distal cluster of slender cornuti directed basad. Three unequal scobinate bands extend from the apex of the aedeagus into the vesica.

The female genitalia have the eighth segment a complete, simple ring with the ostium unsclerotised at the base of a long, slender, unsclerotised ductus bursae. The bursa is asymmetric, much wider than long, and very finely scobinate throughout.

The larva is described below.

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