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Paradiopa Prout

Type species: parthenia Prout.

This small Oriental genus consists mainly of species with rather narrow, apically produced, marginally rounded forewings, irregularly and obliquely fasciated more darkly; there is a sinuous submarginal array of diffusely darker spots that appears to be diagnostic. The hindwings in most species have a subbasal disc of paler colour, white in extreme cases. Paradiopa nyei Kobes has a hindwing as in the larger Bornean species but has a reticulated forewing more as in Iambia tessellata Prout.

The male abdomen has the basal trifine hair pencils. The genitalia have the valve narrow, straplike, with a corona; the harpe is simple, a slender curved spine. There is no process from the valve costa. The aedeagus vesica is globular, unadorned, or with a tongue of scobination running into it (albidisca).

In the female (postfusca Hampson examined) the ovipositor lobes and eighth segment are unmodified. The ductus has a short basal ring of sclerotisation; the bursa is elongate, slightly asymmetric, weakly corrugate and finely scobinate throughout.

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