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Athetis bipuncta Snellen
Cosmia bipuncta Snellen, 1880, Midden Sumatra, 4(8): 43.
Caradrina pratti Bethune-Baker, 1906, Novit. zool., 13: 202.

Athetis bipuncta


The forewings are browner than in other Athetis, the fasciae almost straight, the medial is more diffuse than the fine postmedial and antemedial; the reniform is highlighted by white spots. The hindwing is medium brown, the dorsum in the male densely and slightly more darkly pubescent.

Geographical range.
Indian subregion to New Guinea.

Habitat preference.
Records for Kinabalu have been between 1200m and 2000m with perhaps some indication of preference for open habitats. This preference is shown in Sulawesi where the species ranges from the lowlands to over 1000m.

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