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Scrobigera Jordan

Type species: amatrix Westwood (India).

This genus and the next three all belong to Subgroup 3 of Group 2 in the scheme of Kiriakoff (1977). All have, in the male genitalia: along, down-curved, slender uncus; a similarly long, narrow suprascaphium; a similarly long tegumen; a short saccus; valves that are basally narrow, distally very broad, often triangular, with the harpe and sacculus set narrowly along the ventral margin, the harpe occurring at approximately two-thirds.

The species vary in forewing pattern characteristics very markedly, and the whole complex requires extensive revision that is beyond the scope of this work. The placement of the taxa therefore follows that of Kiriakoff (1977). Scrobigera as currently constituted is Oriental.

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