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Episteme Hubner

Type species: lectrix Linnaeus (China).

Synonym: Eusemia Dalman (type species lectrix).

This genus consists of large species with white and/or cream bars or rows of spots on black forewings, and orange or red hindwings more or less heavily bordered and spotted with black; the hindwing border often contains white spots, and the basal area of the forewing often has blue ones. The abdomen is ringed with black and yellow.

The male genitalia have the uncus and suprascaphium relatively short. The aedeagus has a distinctive terminal hook. The valves are broadest basally, parallel-sided to a rounded apex over the distal half, with the harpe set relatively dorsally so it protrudes beyond the valve costa. The eighth sternite is modified into a massive, V-shaped, heavily sclerotised structure that appears to provide a second set of valves in functional terms.

The female genitalia are typical of the subfamily.

The species are day-flying. All are Oriental.

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