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Thalathoides Gen. n.

Type species: conjecturalis Swinhoe.

This genus has forewing facies as in Thalatha but with a subapical costal dark triangle and a strong, rather angled basal streak; the subtornal streak differs in intensity in the two species but is an angled black mark, rather than a row of black triangles. There is slight sexual dimorphism in the hindwing, that of the male tending to be narrower, with a stronger central curvature to the margin, and a paler costal zone.

The male genitalia provide most definitive features: a long, slender, spine-like harpe articulating subcostally, with an extensive, long, weakly membranous saccular zone ventral to it; at the base of this saccular zone is a short corema bearing long hairlike setae. The apical part of the valve has a distinct cucullus bearing dorsolaterally directed setae; the aedeagus vesica is small, with a large, subbasal, curved cornutus from which a crinkled sclerotised band extends distally to a cluster of very much smaller cornuti. The male abdomen lacks the trifine hair pencil; the apodemes of the basal sternite are convergent; there is a small central, subbasal corema on sternite 8, which also has lateral rods. 

The female genitalia have the bursa finely scobinate but with no signa; there is a short basal appendix bursae. The ductus bursae is slender, with a globular lateral sac within which is a curved, scrolled sclerotisation, presumably a receptacle for the large cornutus of the male vesica.

The larva resembles that of Craniophora and Thalatha in general features.

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