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 Acronicta Ochsenheimer

Type species: leporina Linnaeus (Palaearctic).

This genus is here applied in a broad sense to cover all taxa with grey forewings that have bark-like markings, usually with strong basal and subtornal black streaks (often joining in a continuous line), combined with a robust harpe (often bifid or trifid) on the sacculus of the male genitalia. The genera Craniophora Snellen, Thalatha Walker and Thalathoides Gen. n. share the facies features but have diagnostic features in the male genitalia.

Sugi (1979) and Inoue et al. (1982) divided Japanese taxa in the Acronicta group into several genera but diagnostic features were not listed in English; the larvae in the group show great variety in the form, colour and development of their secondary setae and so could provide a basis for classification. Sugi (1987) referred to these and also to genitalic features as providing the basis for his division.

The broader concept of Acronicta (e.g. following Leraut (1980)) is used here in the absence of a clear-cut revisional treatment of the complex that lists diagnostic (apomorphic) features for the genera recognised. The classification in Inoue et al. (1982) recognised the following genera (mostly treated as subgenera of Acronicta by Leraut):

Acronicta Ochsenheimer.

(Synonyms: Arctomyscis Hubner, Apatele Hubner, Acronycta Treitschke).

Hyboma Hubner (type species strigosa Denis & Schiffermuller).
Molybdonycta Sugi (type species omorii Matsumura).
Plataplecta Butler (type species soluta Walker = pruinosa Guenee).
Triaena Hubner (type species psi Linnaeus)

(Synonyms: Semaphora Guenee, Cuspidia Chapman)

Jocheaera Hubner (type species alni Linnaeus).
Hylonycta Sugi (type species carbonaria Graeser).
Subacronicta Kozhanchikov (type species megacephala Denis & Schiffermuller).
Viminia Chapman (type species rumicis Linnaeus).

(Synonyms: Pharetra Hubner, Chamaepora Warren).

The broader concept for Acronicta was also used by Franclemont & Todd in Hodges et al (1983). They included several more generic synonyms: Cometa Sodoffsky, Sematophora Agassiz, Microcoelia Guenee, Megacronycta Grote, Lepitoreuma Grote, Eulonche Grote, Mastiphane Grote, Pseudepunda Butler, Tricholonche Grote, Philorgyia Grote.

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