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Ourapteryx Leach

Type species: sambucaria Linnaeus (Palaearctic).

Synonyms: Acaena Treitschke (type species sambucaria); Phrudura Swinhoe (type species pura Swinhoe, Sumatra) syn. n.

The generic features are listed in the tribal description. Phrudura contains two Sumatran species with features typical of Ourapteryx except the tail to the hindwing. This is also lacking in the Bornean O. incaudata Warren. Phrudura is therefore brought into synonymy with Ourapteryx.

Several larvae in the genus are illustrated in Sugi (1987). A larva of the type species was also examined. They are mostly long, slender, tapering slightly and evenly over the whole length to the head. The thoracic legs are relatively long, slender, that of T3 largest. There is a strong transverse ridge dorsally, posteriorly on A5, with weaker ones on A3; just anterior to this on A3 are lateral conical processes. The coloration is in shades of reddish brown, brown and grey.

Sato & Nakajima (1975) have recorded Japanese taxa as feeding on the following plant families: Actinidiaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Betulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Cephalotaxaceae, Ericaceae, Fagaceae, Lauraceae, Leguminosae, Rhamnaceae, Sabiaceae, Salicaceae, Styracaceae, Theaceae, Ulmaceae.

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