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Iridoplecta Warren

Type species: ferrifera Moore.

The facies consists of pinkish brown markings on a whitish ground, the marking being particularly intense in the marginal zone distal to the postmedial. Both the forewing (weakly) and the hindwing (more strongly) are angled centrally at the margin. The male antennae are ciliate and the chaetosemata normal rather than of the semiothisine type. There is no fovea.

The male genitalia have the valves bifid, with the dorsal and ventral, slender, apically curved arms separated by a short central lobe. The uncus is apically rounded and lacks horns. The aedeagus is short with a small cornutus at the base of a finely scobinate tube that has a lateral lobe bearing two further large cornuti at its apex.

The female genitalia have the bursa asymmetrically bilobed, the basal half of the major lobe being sclerotised and fluted, this extending over the adjacent side of the minor lobe.

The genus contains the type species, I. ochrias West from the Philippines and I. differens Bastelberger from Taiwan.

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