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Genusa dohertyi sp. n. 

Genusa dohertyi (paratype)

18-19mm. This species has the wings only faintly marked with a clouding of grey, the pattern being similar to that of simplex. It is somewhat smaller than simplex. In some specimens veins R4 and R5 form the terminal bifurcation of the radial system (R3 and R4 consistently in other species), and there may also be a cross vein between R2 and R5. The diagnostic feature is in the furca of the male genitalia where the apex of each arm is distinctly hooked. As in simplex, the spinning is restricted more or less to the apex of each arm.

Holotype Pulo Laut, BORNEO, June 1891 (Doherty), BM geometrid slide 13398.

Paratypes: as holotype (slide 13402); 1 S.E. BORNEO, (Doherty) May 1891, BM geometrid slide 13403.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The type series is from a low-lying area of south eastern Borneo.

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