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Genusa Walker

Type species: bigutta Walker, India.

This genus, originally described in the Lymantriidae (Fletcher, 1979), is undoubtedly a member of the Hypochrosini. The wings are rather rounded, a dirty white, usually with diffuse mottled banding in grey that occurs in the spaces between the veins. The base of the forewing is tinged yellow, sometimes with a black spot: The forewing cell is very long, with R1 and R2 arising from R5 within it, and R3-5 forming a trifid branching system distally. There is a crossvein between Sc and R1. The hindwing has a humeral lobe, lacking a frenulum.

The male antennae are strongly bipectinate, those of the female more narrowly so. The male abdomen is broadest centrally; the tympanal organs are very small. The genitalia have a pocketed furca, a down-looped vinculum and coremata associated with it that are typically hypochrosine. The furca is symmetric. Socii are absent. The gnathus terminates in a cluster of small spines. The valves have a rather distinctive zone of small, scale-like setae from half way along the costa, extending round the valve apex and then broadly down the ventral margin. The aedeagus is small, without ornamentation.

The female genitalia have the ovipositor lobes short, squarish, with a dorsal eversible pouch between them and the eighth segment. This is a simple, deep, weakly sclerotised ring with the ostium at its basal margin. The ductus is very narrow, scobinate, as long as the spherical corpus bursae. The signum is large, with an irregular, incomplete, ring-like distal portion in a circular base.

As well as the two species described below, the genus includes the type species, a species from Thailand and Burma (slide 13404; the name destituta Walker may be applicable but the Cambodian type specimen has not been examined), a species from N. Vietnam and Hainan (slide 13395) and a species from Luzon (slide 13396). Distinction between the species is most reliably made from the structure of the furca.

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