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Celenna Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: saturataria Walker =festivaria Fabricius.

Typically species of this genus have bright green medial blotches on both wings, edged paler against the grey ground of wings shaped as in subgenus Marcala of Hypochrosis. A second definitive feature is the presence of one or several stout cornuti in the aedeagus vesica. Also, the female genitalia have the signum reduced to two or three spines on an arcuate base; the base of the bursa has irregular sclerotised patches but is not corrugate.

All of the typical group except centraria Snellen have the furca vestigial; in centraria it consists of short, acute arms, the left one slightly longer. The ventral margin of the valve is sinuous or has a central angle or spur.

As well as the two species described first below, the group includes C. agalma Prout comb. n. (Seram), C. brachygenyx Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi) and C. imbutaria Walker comb. n. (Aru, Mysol). C. chlorophora Warren comb. n. (Wetar) is probably also a member of the group.

Three further Oriental species are also tentatively included. The species-pair C. pulchraria Rothschild comb. n. and C. callopistes Prout comb. n. has a green band on the forewing that may be homologous with that of the typical group but lacks a corresponding patch on the hindwing and cornuti in the aedeagus vesica. The furca is moderately well developed and the ventral margin of the valve is unmodified. The third species, C. muscicolor Warren comb. n., lacks a furca but has no green patches. The gnathus terminates in a spinose ridge as in the callopistes pair, and the aedeagus vesica is large but unadorned. The signum in the bursa is large, extensively spined, the base of the bursa fluted with sclerotised corrugation. Its assignment to Celenna should be regarded as temporary until a fuller survey of the Hypochrosini enables the characteristics of the more plesiomorphic taxa to be understood.

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