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Omiza Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: pachiaria Walker, Indian Subregion, Andamans (affinis Moore), Cochin. This genus is revived to contain a number of large species that do not have the characteristics of Hypochrosis Guenée described above.

The forewing apex is slightly falcate, the forewing relatively long, narrow with an oblique, often concave postmedial that is colinear with a similar fascia on the hindwing.

In the male genitalia the valve is broad with a rounded, often slightly pleated, ventral part. The gnathus is apically scobinate. The furca has the left arm strongly developed, sometimes very long, and the right arm vestigial. The aedeagus vesica in the type species and allies has a basal comb of slender cornuti; this is absent in lycoraria but the aedeagus apex bears a few short, distally directed spines. In miliaria there is also a pouch containing two rows of spines at the aedeagus apex.

In the female genitalia (herois) the signum is somewhat as in Hypochrosis but more irregular. The base of the bursa has a zone of sclerotised corrugation.

The genus is mainly Oriental, consisting of the type species and those described below.

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